Translations and improvements!

You can now play Karambola in Polish, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian and Spanish (Spain and Latin America)!

The game will automatically choose suitable language based on your browser/operating system settings.

Some of these translations were only possible thanks to wonderful volunteers: Isadora Souza (isadora.bernadete (at) gmail dot com) for Brazilian Portuguese, Kotsure (vero.quinteros.c (at) gmail dot com) for Spanish translations, and nicolas : todaro (nicolas.todaro (at) proton dot me) for Italian. Thank you all for reaching out!! <3 <3 <3

We also:

- improved playability on touch screens and gamepads
- made performance fixes
- added pausing of the game while switching browser tabs
- improved compatibility across various GNU/Linux distros
- fixed minor flower bug in the first scene

I also want to express gratitude for Very Positive reviews on Steam!!! Thank you so much!

In other news, I am currently working on a stop-motion animation project about a crotchet owl; also, recently we made a small game called Rukavychka during the United with Ukraine Game Jam - you can check these out and more at or

Some of you wrote that they'd wish to pay for "Karambola". There are a couple of ways to support me:

- buy t-shirts and swag from our shops (I plan to update them soon!)
- pay for one of our choose-your-own-price games on
- donate to my PayPal (I'll check out alternative ways of donations/patronage soon)
- follow our socials to know about new projects, merchandise or new ways to support me, and like/comment/share my posts to boost my dopamine & motivation <3 It all means a lot!

You can find all links here:

Your support, even small, would mean a lot and be a great help for me to keep working on new projects. Every bit helps!

Thanks for reading!

Agata (and dos)

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Version 1.6.6 Oct 08, 2022 191 MB
Version 1.6.6 Oct 08, 2022

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