In the middle of the summer, a pack of evil bird-thoughts

attacked a peaceful village of emotional fruit people.

They have been separated, each sent into a different season,

focused on their own loneliness and internal landscape of troubles.

If you wish, help Karambola on his quest to rescue

his friends from the power of evil thoughts.


Please be patient, the game may take a couple of minutes to download (100MB).

Please use Chrome or Firefox, a computer and a stable internet connection. And a half an hour or an hour of your time.

It's my first game, so be open-minded, enjoy!

If you like it, support or drop me a line at holypangolin (at) Thanks:)


find me as @holypangolin mostly everywhere:






more links and merch!


I post teasers of new projects and behind-the-scenes of old ones!


Mouse (left-click), touchscreen, keyboard, or gamepad.


 English, 中文, русский, português brasileiro, español latinoamericano, polski

However, the text appears only in the intro and credits, and it's not required to play the game.


 SteamFlathubAndroid/Google Play, F-Droid


A game by Agata Nawrot at Holy Pangolin Studio

...and friends :) more credits in the game.



Benoit Fleuret

Bird of Either 


For every person or fruit-head that contributes at least 5$ to Karambola, 

you'll get a set of 2 original wallpapers

(sizes 1920x1200px and 1600x1200px)

and 3 fruit people in print quality to hang on your wall:)

Write me please at to claim it.

I poured all my heart and savings into this game.


Thanks GDevelop for the possibility to make my first game!


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files: 193 MB
Version 1.6.8 193 MB
Version 1.6.8 193 MB
Version 1.6.8
Karambola-android.apk 92 MB
Version 1.6.8

Also available on

Development log


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hey can someone help me get past the banjo part?


Really enjoyed this. I LOVE the art especially, the way it communicates without words, and the blend of different styles and colored/black-and-white elements. It's so effective. Awesome work, thank you for making it!


The intro made me a bit confused and worried, but once I got into it, this game was absolutely stunning. A beautiful work of art, thank you for making it.


this game reminds me of samorost by amanita design, from the odd art to the general environment and storytelling...

great work!


Thank you :)) yes, I love Amanita Design's work. Especially Machinarium


Wow the artwork put into this fun game!  Intriguing!

Thanks! :)


Thank you for this amazing game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:


Thank you for playing and making the video!! :)


Loved everything about this game. I did get stuck on the picture frame puzzle. Couldn't figure it out for the life of me. That was frustrating. But I am so impressed that this is your first game. You have an innate talent. And if this is your passion then you will go far.


My problem was the pineman puzzle.


Love this short game! Puzzles are fun and drawings are weirdly cool! The meows are perfect & the bee is the best character, according to what they say in the credits' page


I just played this delightful game and what a wonderful experience it was. The art and music was so rich and it gave me a lot of joy to play. The puzzles were mostly intuitive and satisfactory to solve. Thanks for sharing your creative talent and passion with us!

Thank you too for taking the time to comment and for the kind words! It means a lot in these difficult times!


The title was somehow familiar since we do name that fruit "carambola" here in Brazil.

Enchanting and unique, that's what this game is.


This was interesting, the art style is something very different and cool in that. I was a bit lost at some puzzles (mainly the bar and the person in the forrest) but I still had fun. Thanks for making and sharing this!


Beautiful. I've never played anything quite like it before.

Thank you!!


loved the art style so much and the characters with their own little stories were just too charming <3

alguien que me diga como descargarlo para pc


really enjoyed this and the art is really nice


At the beginning I felt lots of frustration because I was not able to clear "level 1" in the first try, so I felt really dumb. But clearing the other levels made me realize how the game works and it's a really neat gem!!!! Congrats for developing it. I hope you keep them games coming ;) Kisses from Brazil


Hey, sorry to have made you feel this way - remember it always just means it's not you, it's just poor game design! Also I've always struggled to make my ideas and designs understandable, like I use different language than everyone else? It's just my thing...But glad you liked it anyway:) Hugs from Poland xD



Hi! I'd love to play it, I bought it on the Racial Awarenes Bundle and just tried to install the apk on my Android 9.1.0 device but it just says, app not installed when I try to install it, could you help?


Hi! For starters, check whether you have enough free space available on your phone and whether installation from unknown (non-Google Play) sources is allowed. If it still doesn't work then, you'll probably need to grab a log, as without it I'm not really able to say what's going on... (see for more info). Good luck!


Yeah, sorry for that, I needed some space - thanks for the help! Great game!

(2 edits) (+3)

Very beautiful game! The art style and sound design are so great I was fully absorbed by it! I'm not sure I understood all of the stories, but that didn't matter that much, had a great time playing the game anyway.


I really enjoyed this game. The art style was so intriguing to me. The sounds were so relaxing. I'm glad I played.


i wasn't expecting anything in particular when i clicked karambola, and wow, i got a LOT of something particular. what a beautiful, peaceful, imaginary and real little game. my favourites were the pumpkin and the pinecone, but it was lovely to meet them all.


I just finished it and wow WOW. Very unique little gem. I loved it so much and I cannot wait to see more from you!


I love this game it feels so real tbh. I cried


I found the game's visuals and sound quite relaxing. Having to intuit how to help the fruit people without any direct instructions really drew me in and had me wanting to complete all the scenes to see the ending. I'm glad I gave this game a try!


It felt like meeting friends from long ago, sharing tales next to a crackling fireplace.


This game is gorgeous and I can't believe it's your first game (but obviously not your first time animating)! I love that it's about cheering up friends. Most of the puzzles felt good, though on a couple I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, so i clicked around a bunch and solved it without knowing how. Abstract puzzle design communication is HARD though and you've done a great job with it. This is a strong start and I look forward to seeing more!


such a pure and wholesome game, it always makes me feel better when I'm sad

Thank you so much for the comment <3 It makes me happy that it makes you feel better. The fruit-people are always there when you need them.


Cool idea with rewards! Instead of people mailing in you can add exclusive content under game settings that will only show to people donating above a certain amount.

Go to Edit -> More -> Exclusive content :)


any chance for downloadable version?


Wonderful artwork, lovely sounds and music, and the little stories themselves are sweet in an odd way (much like vegetables, huh). Great work!


This game was a very interesting experience. Well done to the creator on their first game! If you would like to see what the game is about or would just like to see an interesting let's play of this game, then please check out the video below. :)


This is so great! I'm impressed how expressive the plant people are. I'd love to explore more in worlds like this, so keep it up! :)

Deleted 6 years ago

You're welcome, thank you for playing and nice words, it means a lot! :)