Android version and some updates!

Finally, thanks to tremendous help of @dos a long awaited Android version has been launched! 

Yay! Spirits of Android apps are happy - except that for now, until I figure out the bureaucracy, it's not published on Google Play yet. Just a reason for them to be more happy later.

Some more updates (also with a huge contribution from @dos)  include:

- a brand new loading screen

- automatic saving (if you exit your app or browser crashes!)

- skip and restart buttons

- some bug fixes

I'm asking for a small payment for the app, because I really need some money for the development of my new game, which is stuck due to lack of funds. However, if somebody supported me before and feels they can't afford spending anymore, I'd be happy to share it with you, because I'm grateful for your previous support! Just drop me an email :)

Have fun and thanks for reading!


Karambola-android.apk 78 MB
Jan 09, 2018

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