Rukavychka (Рукавичка)


WSAD (Ukrainian fox) & ARROWS (Polish Wawel dragon); or touchscreen.


Find the mouse (with dragon) and the door to Rukavychka (with fox) together, then lead the mouse to the door. 

The mouse can walk only on the plants within the fox or the dragon and will stop in front of gaps

The dragon and the fox are in 2 different worlds, but in the end everyone will be joined together.


The game was inspired by Ukrainian legend of Rukavychka (glove) - in which an old man lost a glove, which came to be a home for many forest animals big and small: from a little mouse to a huge bear. In the story, the old man takes the glove back, but we imagine a story where the animals can live safely in the magical home. They are lost and we have to lead them to it by a fox from the Ukrainian story, and Wawel Dragon from Polish legends, to unify our nations by social cooperation, and unfold/bring safe future for everyone (including forest beings that also need peace to exist).

We developed the first level, in which you lead a little mouse to magical rukavychka.

We were inspired by traditional floral patterns for the backgrounds (made by watercolors and ink). We also focused on colors from Ukrainian flag (yellow and blue shades, with a bit of green for the leaves) and important Ukrainian flowers like sunflower or Vinca species.


Agata Nawrot and Sebastian Krzyszkowiak for United with Ukraine Game Jam 2022.

Source code available on GitLab.


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Couldn't get this one to run for some reason? Clicked 'Run game' and just got a screen with flowers on it, but pressing keys/mouseclicks didn't seem to do anything. Shame, since it looked nice.

The screen with flowers on it is a loading progress bar. If it doesn't work in your browser for some reason (it may be blocked by some extension or your browser may be too old), you can always download an executable version instead.