Karambola Ultra Deluxe is here!

Hi there, fruit-heads!

Okay okay, maybe calling it "Ultra Deluxe" is a bit too much... but a new version of Karambola is really here with lots of improvements!

- magical almost-HD shader for improved visual fidelity!
- gamepad, keyboard and touchscreen navigation!
- better optimization for slower PCs and phones!
- downloadable desktop builds for Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS!
- working audio on iPhones and iPads!
- misclick-preventing confirmation dialog when resetting the game!
- countless fixes for minor bugs!

It also finally arrived on Steam (where you can find translations to Chinese, Polish and Russian) and Flathub (which includes support for GNU/Linux smartphones and SBCs like Raspberry Pi)!

We're still looking into updating Android build and bringing translations to itch.io too, so expect further updates:)

This concludes this devlog de la vlog.



Karambola-web.zip 124 MB
Jun 16, 2022
karambola-linux-x64.zip 191 MB
Version 1.6.0 Jun 16, 2022
karambola-macos-x64.zip 191 MB
Version 1.6.0 Jun 16, 2022
karambola-windows-x64.zip 192 MB
Version 1.6.0 Jun 16, 2022

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