Lonely fruits and veggies with emotional problems need your help in this short point and click puzzle/adventure.
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Teach a drone how to dance like a spider (GryfJam 2017)
Taking off (GeekJam 2018)
He's ready to inspect your pipes. (Global Game Jam 2020)
Visual Novel
no competing just singing now (Slavic Game Jam 2018)
​You are on a date with the Unknown. (Slavic Game Jam 2017/Ludum Dare 39 Jam)
Two clocks play with time by playing with the ball! (Warsaw Film School Game Jam 3)
The legend about a railway traveling horse (Palace Game Jam 2017)
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An unlikely hero returns to join forces against the danger. (Huuuge Game Jam 2017)
Hug, understand, respect the personal space, be nice and sweet! (PGG Jam - ALL PLAY: Accessibility Vol. 2)
An unfinished game with a finished theme song! (Global Game Jam 2018) [unfinished prototype]
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