Physalis + sounds + improved leaf shadows => much better gameplay!

Hi all!

I've made some fixes to Physalis, mostly addressing the issues that were brought up by you after the GDevelop GameJam #1:

- improved the leaf shadows, to make it clearer where each leaf has to be put

- added sounds for Yesh the Hedgehog (hurra!! Yesh!!!), leaves and autumn forest soundscape :)

- added a cute loading screen to make waiting more pleasurable ;) (plus a workaround for problems with music not playing on Liluo;) )

The newest version is now on Liluo as well.

Also, we've just released our new gamejam creation: Rukavychka, that won 2nd place at the United with Ukraine Game Jam last week. Check it out!

Enjoy! <3


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Jul 13, 2022

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