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This game is gorgeous and I can't believe it's your first game (but obviously not your first time animating)! I love that it's about cheering up friends. Most of the puzzles felt good, though on a couple I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, so i clicked around a bunch and solved it without knowing how. Abstract puzzle design communication is HARD though and you've done a great job with it. This is a strong start and I look forward to seeing more!


such a pure and wholesome game, it always makes me feel better when I'm sad

Thank you so much for the comment <3 It makes me happy that it makes you feel better. The fruit-people are always there when you need them.


Cool idea with rewards! Instead of people mailing in you can add exclusive content under game settings that will only show to people donating above a certain amount.

Go to Edit -> More -> Exclusive content :)

any chance for downloadable version?

Wonderful artwork, lovely sounds and music, and the little stories themselves are sweet in an odd way (much like vegetables, huh). Great work!

This game was a very interesting experience. Well done to the creator on their first game! If you would like to see what the game is about or would just like to see an interesting let's play of this game, then please check out the video below. :)

This is so great! I'm impressed how expressive the plant people are. I'd love to explore more in worlds like this, so keep it up! :)

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You're welcome, thank you for playing and nice words, it means a lot! :)