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it saddens me that it seems anytime I play one of your games some feature doesn’t work, usually audio. But I always love these games 


I rather enjoyed that.


cool game,try it later。

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Thanks, have fun (hopefully)!!


My son likes the game so much, and learning Polish words, he renamed his stuffed animal plushy hedgehod to "Yoash The Yesh"

Omg <3 That made my day!


First of all, I adore your use of illustrations and paints! It's great that you've accomplished this in the time frame. The music and the story was a good fit also.

Feedback: For the falling leaves, their correct places were all merged into one big shadow, so I couldn't really understand where some of them go.


Very beautiful, and imaginative gameplay as well. The subtle watercolors and melody fit perfectly like the delicate silhouette meeting a gently falling leaf. I wonder how 2 versions would look one with the original watercolor another pixelated and another monochromatic?? 

Just a beautiful work of art all around :)


very creative game

Thank you!


Beautiful art. Game rated & enjoyed!



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You're welcome. Come check my game when you have time.